22 November 2022

Royal Lancaster, London

Agenda for Financial Crime 360 2021





Welcome remarks

Ben Agnew, CEO, The Payments Association



Chairperson: Mark McMurtrie, Director, Payments Consultancy Limited


Keynote address

Lord Holmes of Richmond MBE


Panel discussion: Financial crime – the regulatory landscape


AML update: Understand the new money laundering safeguards – has this been impacted in light of President Biden tightening up on cyber security?


Brexit: How will Brexit affect non UK clients post the grace period during the current transition?


Kalifa review recommendations: How are the new approaches in the report going to be applied by industry?  How do regtech companies fit into the review?


Global collaboration: How can global regulators collaborate on a global scale to work together to lead the industry on better fraud management?


PSD2:  How should the industry prepare in anticipation for the March 2022 PSD2 deadline? Economic crime implications


Moderator: Mark McMurtrie, Director, Payments Consultancy Limited


Andrew Churchill, Consultant and Researcher, Technology Strategy

Neil Whiley, Director of Sanctions, UK Finance


Hiding in plain sight: the search for money launderers


How can we as an industry stop fraud hunting? Where is the industry currently falling short and what are the base concepts which will move us forward to combat financial crime? Graham Barrow will highlight the absurdities that allow money launderers fairly free access to the world’s financial systems

Graham Barrow, Director – The Dark Money Files

Ray Blake, Director, The Dark Money Files


Keynote: Preventing Fraud in a Digital World

Digital adoption accelerated during the pandemic, for consumers and for businesses alike. But which changes are here to stay? And how do we continue to keep pace with expectations for a smooth, seamless experience, whilst also ensuring security measures are in place to prevent fraud?

Hear from Mark Nelsen – Senior Vice President, Europe Products and Solutions at Visa on the latest innovations in payment technology that are helping to transform payment security and differentiate customer propositions.


Mark Nelsen, Senior Vice President of Europe Products and Solutions, Visa


Networking Break



Chairperson: Mark McMurtrie, Director, Payments Consultancy Limited


Through The Eyes Of A Criminal evolution 5.0


Market insights: Take a whistle stop tour of the financial crime landscape – what are the market situations, what are the trends and what are the solutions? 


Prioritising risks: Hear the latest financial crime stats and patterns including card fraud, remote purchase, money scams, fishing, money mules and AML though crypto.


Tony Sales, Head of Strategic Development and Co-Founder, We Fight Fraud


Practical Obstacles and solutions session


Through a series of scenarios based on customer challenges, hear first hand case studies of financial crime technologies in practice. What was the problem, why was the technology chosen, how long did it take to implement and what are the results to date?


Helen Alexander, Senior Manager – Financial Crime Compliance Initiatives  

Americas and UK, SWIFT 

Mark Brotherton, Director, Fraud & Financial Crime, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Banking Group


From KYC 1.0 to 4.0. How KYC and customer onboarding has evolved and what comes next…?


David Pope, Marketing Director, HooYu


Panel session: Tackling the moral hazard – What is the optimal level of friction required to offset the current lack of customer liability?


Customer autonomy: Does the industry need to reign in usability to keep customers secure? What is the compromise between friction and customer experience?


Balancing financial crime prevention & product: What are the base tests and checks which should be implemented vs the need to provide a frictionless service?


Results to date: Has confirmation of payee raised concerns on customers’ experience ? Is it fair to place the liability on the customer if a payee doesn’t match?


Moderator: Samantha Sheen, Financial Crime Compliance and Strategy Advisor & Trainer, Ex-Ante Advisory Limited

Phil Coole, MLRO, Director – Financial Crime, OakNorth Bank

Tim Pigott, Industry Lead, Nationwide Building Society

Daniel Belda, Director of Marketing Strategy, Payments at Ekata


Networking lunch


Lunch and learn 1: Behavioral biometrics to combat fraud

Lunch and learn 2: Transaction monitoring to make better decisions

Lunch and learn 3: Assessing your customer to tailor your services

Lunch and learn 4: Technology to ensure regulatory compliance



Chairperson: Steve Pannifer, Managing Director, Consult Hyperion



Digital ID: A tool for fighting crime


 Steve Pannifer, Managing Director, Consult Hyperion


Scenario based panel: Understanding your customer beyond their ID


Putting context to your customer: How do you look beyond the person you are onboarding? Which checks can go beyond what a customer earns and understand the affordability piece of a customer e.g gambling?


Situations where case by case is required: Can technology help you understand your customer situated in remote and compromised regions? Can you tailor the layers of onboarding on a case by case basis to ensure customers are not being inconvenienced by having their accounts blocked etc…?


Choosing the appropriate technology: With an increasing number of 3rd party providers providing add-on monitoring and KYC capabilities – what are your needs vs your budget? Is developing in house technology the key to success? How far can technology take you in assessing your customer?


Moderator: Steve Pannifer, Managing Director, Consult Hyperion

John Sam-Kubam, MLRO, Head of Financial Crime, Crown Agents Bank and Crown Agents Investment Management

Alex Nash, MLRO, Cashplus Bank

Harpreet Jagdev, Group Head of Risk & Deputy Head of Compliance, Choice International Ltd


Networking coffee break



Chairperson: Mike Chambers, Chairman, Answer Pay


Scenario based panel: When is it time for the human in the loop to assess risk?

Data sharing: How do you gather data for risk based decision making? What are the lessons learned between Belgium & Netherlands and their approach to data sharing?


Legislative point of view: What are the legal implications of sharing data- Where does GDPR come into it? At what point are we taking too much data?


Risk based decision making: How far can technologies take you in monitoring your customers? Are the perceived high risk customers for e.g. adult services and gaming best monitored by a human? What experience do you need to assess risk – where does the responsibility lie in your business?


Moderator: Sarah Francis, Payments Advisor and Senior Consultant, Polymath Consulting

Daniel Belda, Director of Marketing Strategy, Payments, Ekata

Donald A Gillies, CEO and Co-Founder, PassFort

Tony Sales, Head of Strategic Development and Co-Founder, We Fight Fraud

Mitch Trehan, UK Head of Compliance and MLRO, Banking Circle

Nick Kerigan, Head of Innovation Execution, SWIFT



Chairperson: Mike Chanbers, Chairman, Answer Pay


Scenario based panel discussion: How to communicate effectively with customers to help them protect themselves


Financial education for consumers : Not all consumers are part of the “apple ecosystem”. How should banks support consumers to understand how to bank safely? How do we deter customers from becoming money mules? With social media now a mainstream source of information for many, how should you train your consumers to remain safe?


Holding corporate clients to due diligence: Business email compromise is still a huge pain point for corporates and their banks – how can the industry collaborate to develop a framework of self-checks for businesses?


The appropriate means of communication: How do you structure your company to communicate effectively with your customer without overtipping fraudsters? Why are banks using SMS for customer communication when this channel is subject to compromise?  


Moderator: Mike Chambers, Chairman, Answer Pay

Alex Beavan, Senior Manager – Fraud and Internal Investigations, Western Union

Jane Barber, Regulatory and Trade Association Lead, Payments, NatWest

Will Berry-Edworthy, Global Financial Crimes Investigations & Intelligence, Intelligence Officer – Senior Vice President EMEA, Citi

Paul Maskall, Manager – Fraud and Cybercrime Prevention, UK Finance


Closing remarks

Ben Agnew, CEO, The Payments Association


Networking Drinks


End of Financial Crime 360