22 November 2022

Royal Lancaster, London

Nick Kerigan

Head of Innovation Execution

In this role, he is responsible for the performance of the innovation strategy, ensuring that innovation delivers on its mandate to accelerate and de-risk the creation of new products and services that deliver value to customers. Nick has a wealth of experience from over 20 years working in payments and banking across developed and emerging markets. Prior to joining SWIFT in July 2020, he was Managing Director for Future Payments at Barclays, creating next-gen customer experiences and partnering with FinTechs. His expertise is in digital payments, growth strategies and product development, grounded in behavioural trends. Nick is a thought leader and top-100 financial sector influencer.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-kerigan Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nick_kerigan


Speaker Q&A:

What can we look forward to from your session at Financial Crime 360?

Insights into how we see the use of AI and predictive analytics to better serve our customers and improve the customer experience. We are focusing on building on AI and ML solutions that will enhance our existing products and deliver unique insights and operational efficiencies to the entire network. We have started develop and validate in network anomaly detection with foundational banking customers and strategic vendors to demonstrate the increased value and operational efficiencies that AI solutions can bring, combined with explainability of the models. This is going to create a powerful, first of a kind, AI platform at Swift, enabling the development of more powerful tools to help our clients improve their detection of financial crime.

Why is the topic important to you and your company? Why is the topic so important now?

SWIFT is all about collaboration. Collaboration with our members and collaboration with partners to make the cross boarder payments frictionless but without compromising the effectiveness of financial crime prevention measures. The world is changing, customers want real time payments and banks are managing the risks involved without compromising the customer experience.

Where do you see the industry going with this in the future?

I believe that improved quality and trusted data opens up the ability to utilize AI and ML in combatting financial crime compliance.